The Journey must continue …

” …realising your legs ,palms facing up ,close your eyes and come into natural breathing …”


Mid October I decided to try out yoga. Yeah I know what you are thinking. Every time I say this to someone I see their facial expressions change😳.

At this moment I am giving credit to Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube https://youtu.be/CRZmGnF382c for the humbling experience. The hardest part in the whole process was the overwhelming emotions that swept through my entire being after the 20 minutes session. I didn’t expect to be left almost 2 minutes in utter silence as my breathing slowed down, misty sweat on my face became cooler and my mind wondered for a moment and then it went BLANK! If I told you that after the session I cried ,my face in tears,sweat and the annoying snort that comes with crying so hard,would you believe me?…


I have no idea why I cried *hahaha* but I did and it felt so good.

Later that day I put a blanket on the fresh green grass outside and listened to my favourite talks by Alan Watts. I called that moment exhale

We deprive ourselves the relief of letting go.We are afraid of letting go.We hold onto relationships,friendships,jobs,choices,schools, that are in stagnation.We end up roller-coasting on highs and lows around things we think are “worth it” in the notion that if we hold on tight enough things will get better.

to hold your breath is to lose your breath”

In my mind ,I thought that sitting down and just being was very selfish.That you shouldn’t sit and just free yourself because you just can’t afford it in time or money…That every minute you spend is to build your life, career,secure a good grade,waste no time, work your ass off to pass your examinations, get a good job, secure the money! You and I know the cycle. Rushing up and down to achieve, to meet standards, to chase that which is hard to get, and to live up to the high standards our parents, our friends, the society and the whole aspect of existence have set for us. Waking up to make ends meet. We become anxious and panic and if you find yourself somehow at a point where you are not doing anything ,that only means failure! A woman or man with no direction and no purpose!


Oh! The lies I had been telling myself. I know for a fact that I am nothing close to being accomplished and most likely you aren’t either. I know for a fact that I still have a long way to go. I find myself panicking that I haven’t even made any solid strides in my life. But I have learnt to allow myself to breath, because no amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen!



Let go…allow yourself to be,just allow yourself to just fucking be, you might drown trying to catch the water… so just Taste,Feel,Hear,Live Love,See,Acknowledge! Do not feel guilty for not being there yet,do not feel guilty for taking a break. Do not feel guilty for just being.

Que Sera Sera,whatever will be will be,the future is not ours,to see

Que Sera Sera

…maybe you were the hero you were waiting for
maybe you were the love of your life all along
maybe you were always happy
and just thought you needed the reassurance of someone safe
to let yourself feel it…


The Awakening … 

We have eyes but sometimes we lack sight. No Visual recognition of who we are…

Do you remember that very day,that very day you got to see yourself. As a woman, as a man or other than?

Apparently we all go through that stage in life where we don’t know who we are,or what we going to do with this huge responsibility of being alive… Or rather being in existence.

That’s where questioning of self begins…

Who am I?

Where do I come from? Where I’m I going?

When will I know my purpose ?

Why me?how do I do it?

If you’ve never found yourself asking such questions…Then you still have a long way to go.


This was me about 6 years ago… The very first simple unedited picture that cuptured my confidence, my transformation and heck yeah my beauty 😍❤️😅… I was only 17 when I got my realization…

I won’t sit and claim that I have figured out my shit since then.. No way.. I’d be lying… I still question things, i haven’t been able to achieve some of the goals I had set out then… Hell!! I took a total U⤴️turn on my goals and plans 😂😂
But I thank the universe for the journey…


Time goes by so fast … look at myself now and I feel the change… So tangible and conspicuous it’s not hard to miss it.. 



I’ll tell you you are who you are… You’ve got to believe in what you prefer unapologetically..

I believe that every single one of us is undeniably beautiful in and out…img_20190222_092554151651848971622968.jpg

I’m not the most positive person you’ll meet… 😂 If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m quite a pessimistic person😒…
But I do struggle with that aspect hence surrounding myself with positive people…
And i sit down and hope to be a mirror to someone else… Giving comfort to someone who is still out there trying to figure themselves out…
To someone who still gets lost or overwhelmed by life…
To someone still struggling to find comfort in their own skin…

It’s not easy but it all depends on what you hold close to heart.

So tell me… When did you realize you? And if you haven’t already found you… Tell me what you feel about the entire process … Does it bring fear to you? Do you brush it off…?
If I asked you who are you today? What would you tell me??!

I’m just trying to paint the truth for your eyes to see… But do you have sight?

“… Beauty ni skin deep! Niliunzip ngozi yangu ndio ugliness yangu aione vizuri..” Towards the Sublime Trabolee ft Genetic Disorder.(would have added the audio and link but I just can’t find it anywhere 😂😂 ask me for the song if you’ve got my contact info…IG handle: zukazamaa.) d49ec86aed606513932998959301d872
Stay tuned for some more realness😉❤️


Keep it 💯


I have a war with society !!

I’ve been battling for the longest time. Sometimes I win but most of the time i lose.

Someone told me “well,there were others just like you …probably fought even harder than you … but they only Achieved not even half of the things the were fighting for or against …”

The argument  and debate went on and on for minutes then we got lost in our own views …

You are over there wondering, mmmh….why exactly is she fighting society for?😕😕🤔


I saw this meme someplace and I laughed so hard. Then I realized this is just part of the problem of society ..

We are so blinded by the rules and standards being set for us day in day out by people in fame or people who think they have an opinion for the whole world

I tried to picture myself as a naive chubby girl looking for a place to fit in this society (I mean we all get influenced by the things we see,watch,listen to,read about. Right?). Then i saw that picture of the supposed plus size  model …honestly id be frustrated ..if that’s what they claim is plus size .. then what exactly am I??!!

I once heard a certain lady tell her son not to laugh at big people because they are physically challenged 🤣🤣🤣 she said that because the kid was so shocked to see me walking by that he ended up laughing  … but I laughed even harder at the lady’s statement .

So this child will grow up knowing that big people are physically challenged ..last I checked I was breathing fine I was walking fine I was dancing to my favourite songs …my hands worked okay … I was talking okay .. I mean where exactly was i physically challenged ??!!😳


These are just part of the list that has pushed me to start-up a different , more detailed tactic of fighting society …because we all know charity begins at home.

That leads me to the start of this post..BOLD!

How bold are you? How bold are you to stand up and make a change .?

If you asked me this a few years ago when I was 18 …id over think things and get to a panic mode and probably get mad at you for putting me in that state …because i despised change… all i wanted to do at that age is become slim so i could wear a certain dress simply coz it looked so good on the magazine or the telly!

I have been a chubby girl all my life … and I’ve only gathered nothing but negativity around me. It gets to a point it  becomes too much … because the society put so much pressure on me!

The thing is I know I’m not the only one … have you asked yourself why young ladies as young as 16 have eating disorders ? Self esteem issues? Why some guys pretend to walk on the clouds yet when they are alone they just cant face themselves in the mirror?

So take a good look at me nowIMG_20180113_103156

And let me remind you that you come FIRST.Your health comes first your life is your first priority ..before you think of helping others ,think if you have helped you first… and before you can do that …you need to realize who you are… you need to know yourself .Understand the things that make you who you are… other people will not body shame you if you don’t body shame yourself…

The pinch of other people’s opinions will not be as painful if your opinion about you is right and honest.(coz you can’t claim you are proud of your body and own it yet you can’t make it to the 2nd floor stairs without breathing like you are dying the next minute 🙄)

…..stay tuned for some more good vibes and kitchen love..😜IMG-20180211-WA0020.jpg

Refresh & Rejuvenate 💆🍋




Yes you … guess what? … I have this magical drink … works wonders!!…wanna try it?

It’s free… I promise you won’t pay a shilling ..

You don’t believe me?

Okay lemme tell you more about it…


They call it Detox Water..I call it Double R (REFRESH&REJUVENATE).

There was this one time I was so pressured to seriously lose weight … I went online looking for diets and drinks that could make the process shorter .. I found some really nice deals by the way … I tried one of them for like a few weeks ..To be honest i don’t remember much of what happened in  those weeks …i think they were about 3 .I won’t lie to you that was among the worst decision I’ve ever made. Hahaha!! Because i actually gained weight instead of losing … and i hated it ..

Until i sat down and contemplated about the situation …

See ..every time you search for something like lemon or cucumber ..weight loss is like the first thing that pops up… I’m here to remind you that there’s so much more to life than being pressured about your weight,your looks,your skin colour or even your body size big or small ..

I CHOSE to over look the weight loss opinion.



Because there’s so much more benefits of these two fruits and other foods as well;

I did some research on cucumber and lemon benefits . Just to mention a few;


1.Bone health : Vitamin K in cucumber helps to stimulate healthy blood circulation and promotes bone health

2.Rehydrates the body (its 90% water)

3.Regulates blood pressure

4.Promotes healthy skin and strong healthy hair (my favourite)

Theres so much that such a small veggie can do to you

I get my Cucumbers in Githurai market (I love cheap thrills ) for a bout 20-50 bob depending on the size. So even when I’m like really broke i can just get one and use it for several days …


This tiny fruit is loaded with lots of good and helpful stuff.from nutrients to minerals to vitamins

So this is where I involve you … how about you join me in getting all if not most of  the benefits of lemons 😜 … comment or email me what you found …

Cucumber-water recipe 


3 lemons – sliced

One large cucumber – sliced

Clean drinking water – 1.5 litres

(You can add finely grated ginger and a hand full of mint leaves but its optional)

Mint leaves also available in the market for about 50bob a bunch or 40bob if you bargain ( I get mine at 30bob..yeah I’m OG like that)


Cut everything up and add in a large jug/pitcher

Add water (ice cubes if available )

Add the mint and ginger if available

Squeeze in some lemon n a teaspoon of lemon if you want to fancy it up

( I just drink it up like that )

A glass of this magic drink every morning and you good to go.

I put mine in a 1ltr bottle and sip sip on it all day …

Try it … I won’t promise that it will taste like rose-water

But yeah that’s my magic drink . Not had a headache in the last two weeks since I started drinking .

You may not see the results immediately but trust me your body will thank you every time .      enjoy:-)

Stay tuned for some more deep talk …








Taking baby steps ever so gently…

Its time to take a trip down your curves

Its time to let your desires become ecstasy on the highest level..

Its time for you and me to smile…because we want to…because we have to …because your smile is among the curves called important!

See…today … i’ve been exuding an aura of immense confidence …and i wanna share my energy with you… women of all shapes,shades and sizes…but mostly with that curvy girl next door…



Lets talk food shall we? …🤤🍽


Rita loves food ..and so do you ..hahaha

But you know what.. you are what you eat …

…Keep in touch to find out more about that morning drink that will help your body imensly..;-)e397197fbda90f6816c2f77c51994e0f.jpg